Virtual Advisory for Business Communities

Throughout the world there are a huge number of business communities. A business community can consist of any group of small to medium sized businesses with common interests and goals and is usually formed because a tangible need exists — members are seeking solutions to specific problems and looking for new opportunities for growth.

Generally the core motivation for companies to participate in a business community is to enhance their bottom line through:

  1. Interactions with other members of the community in order to:
    1. Make new contacts
    2. Promote products and services to other business owners
    3. Get quality advice on the issues small and medium businesses face.
  2. Utilization of shared resources provided by the business community.

However, business communities also have their own sets of challenges including the ongoing struggle to attract and maintain members, and in turn sustain the vital revenue streams to support infrastructure.

The Qimono Virtual Business Advisor (VBA) provides a full range of tools to facilitate and enhance interactions within a business community, as well as knowledge and services to help member companies to drive and manage their own organizational improvement journey.

Real Time Benchmarking and Analysis

In addition, the Qimono VBA includes a rich set of tools for other community stakeholders, to encourage new member recruitment, as well as offer community stakeholders a deeper understanding of member needs through consolidated reports and analysis.

  1. New Member recruitment tools
    The Qimono VBA provides communities with short and interactive “diagnostic selling tools”. Strategically placed on the web (your website, blog, or LinkedIn) they engage prospective members and establish their needs to join.
  2. Health and fitness Monitoring and Benchmarking service
    A fully integrated modular virtual advisory service that allows members to identify best practice for their organisation and enable them to identify strengths to build on and risks to manage. Aggregated anonymized results from individual members provide community stakeholders with valuable insight and analysis into member activities which can then be fed back to members to add even greater value.
Instantly Generate Useful, Information Rich Reports

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The VBA is cloud based and operates in real time. This means that services are available wherever internet is available, which is virtually anywhere these days. It also means that feedback reports are prepared and dispatched almost instantly. Aggregations of mass reports can be made available within minutes.


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Virtual Business Advisor

Is your company facing start-up or small business growing pains and don't know where to turn?

The Virtual Business Advisor (VBA), powered by the Qimono Platform, offers the right questions and guides you along a pathway to the right answers.



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