Economic Development

Growing existing businesses and building new ones is becoming the critical issue in the current economic environment.

But how does the EDO know where to focus their effort? How to reach fragmented and numerous small businesses? How best to deliver, measure and demonstrate performance improvement across a business community.

QLBS For Economic Development

  • Complete and market tested toolkit for engaging with and leading a business community
  • Structured and scalable approach to delivering development programs across multiple organisations
  • Cloud based platform that ensures data integrity and system availability
  • Automated diagnostics, action planning and reporting that increases productivity and ensures high quality output
  • Captures critical information on “lead” indicators, the capabilities that deliver results
  • Rich multi-dimensional analysis that benchmarks against best practice and identifies areas of risk
  • Track record of working with world leading EDO’s to deliver large and small scale programs

Diagnostic Application & Description

Model Name Description
Entrepreneur Readiness Ensure research, planning, skills, resources before risk is taken.
Incubator Best practice Ensure incubators are adding the value for business success.
Business Fitness Apps Help build capability from Start up to Growth.
Business Excellence Apps Build capability from Small to Medium and Large businesses.

Specialist Capability Apps

Supply Chain, Innovation, Manufacturing, Marketing and the like.


New Zealand Business Excellence Foundation



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