Not For Profits

The Not For Profit (NFP) sector encompasses a broad range of institutions catering to almost every part of society. NFP’s represent a significant part of all developed economies, in terms of employment and economic contribution.

NFP’s are growing rapidly in number and size but face real challenges relating to funding, resources, workforce capabilities, reporting and accountability etc.

QLBS has an established and demonstrable track record of working with NFP’s to deliver continuous improvement programs that directly address these challenges and enhance performance across all levels of the organisation.

QLBS For Not For Profits

  • Complete and market tested toolkit for measuring and developing NFP capabilities
  • Cloud based platform that ensures data integrity and system availability
  • Automated diagnostics, action planning and reporting that increases productivity and ensures high quality output
  • Ability to directly demonstrate outcomes beyond traditional lag indicators
  • Rich multi-dimensional analysis that benchmarks against best practice and identifies areas of risk
  • Track record of working with many, differing NFP organisations to deliver successful performance improvement programs

I have used QLBS best practice tools on several assignments as they significantly increase productivity and lower my level of effort. Recently I was given eleven days, including travel to and from China, to do baseline data and training needs assessments for an ethnic minority culture and heritage protection project in Guizhou. I used the institutional assessment tool with officials from culture and heritage protection organizations in Danzhai and Sandu Counties to develop a baseline of their current capacity and to identify their capacity building needs. As the tool provided me with the ability to capture comments and action items, which were included in the automatic report in Microsoft Word, I was able to quickly prepare my report. The client’s response: "Great report. I'm amazed you could gather so much information in such little time there.

Pamela Branch
Managing Director,
Project Services International


Australian Sports Commission
City of San Jose
Sport New Zealand
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