Workforce & Skills Development

Internationally there is a significant shift towards focusing on probably the most important “lead” indicator for an economy or industry - Workforce Capability.

Shifts across global markets, industries, demographics, technology, politics and education mean that for an industry to successfully navigate in to the future they must identify, understand and adapt to changing workforce dynamics and requirements. QLBS facilitates this understanding and provides an internationally tried and tested solution for Workforce Development.

QLBS For Workforce & Skills Development

  • Complete and market tested toolkit for engaging with a business community to understand workforce needs
  • Comprehensive approach to delivering workforce development programs across multiple organisations
  • Cloud based platform that ensures data integrity and system availability
  • Automated diagnostics, action planning and reporting that increases productivity and ensures high quality output
  • Directly connect identified skill shortages with relevant training and development resources
  • Rich multi-dimensional analysis that benchmarks against best practice and identifies areas of risk
  • Track record of working across countries and industries to deliver large scale workforce development programs

Diagnostic Tools

Model Name Description

Training Maturity

Developed by the UK Manufacturing Industry to evaluate what training stage a company is at in relation to a 6 stage model built by The UK Manufacturing Skills Academy (NSAM).

Strategic Workforce Planning

Developed by NSAM, and the British Aerospace industry to evaluate Strategic Workforce Planning

Personal Skills & Competency

This tool looks at personal skills and development in behaviour, time management, creativity and stress management for individuals.

Workforce Development

To assess Workforce Development capabilities of any large organization


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