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How QLBS Helps

NZBEF offer an online Strategic Evaluation assessment using QLBS software. This online assessment tool aligns its questions to the International Criteria for Performance Excellence and can be easily modified to include suitable language for individual organisations. The resulting automatically generated report provides organisations with a high level view of the perceptions of their staff about how the organisation is going, highlighting areas that require further analysis. This Evaluation is a first step to understanding the strengths and opportunities in the organisation and engages staff, tapping into their organisational knowledge.

NZBEF manage the process by being able to monitor all assessments that are completed and then getting the comparative report generated at the push of a button. QLBS software allows for seamless updating of the cumulative results so that organisations are now also benchmarked against their peers in addition to comparison to best practice.


The strategic evaluations have proven to be extremely popular and easy and quick for NZBEF staff to manage whilst providing a valuable level of feedback in identifying organizational strengths and opportunities for improvement…

Mike Watson

The New Zealand Business Excellence Foundation (NZBEF) is a not-for-profit charitable trust set up by private and public enterprise. The Foundation exists to support New Zealand organisations to improve their performance and capabilities by providing a best-practice management framework supported by training, advice, business assessment services, and access to award programmes.



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