Workforce Development

Australia’s Tourism and Hospitality industry were offered a practical approach to develop the tourism and hospitality sector through a collaborative action between industry and government.

The initiative was built around a national network of 100 industry Skills Advisors whose engagement facilitated an informed approach to target skills development within businesses. Skills Advisors are drawn from a partnership of industry associations to ensure that both currency and depth of industry knowledge is provided to the market. The businesses have fully funded access to industry specific workforce diagnostics. These diagnostic tools and the online platform to support the engagement process has been custom designed for the tourism and hospitality industry by QLBS. 

Interested businesses could apply online to be part of the program through an easy to use survey which immediately establishes whether they are eligible or not. This information flows into the system and the business is allocated to a suitable Skills Advisor.  

The system is designed to capture and upload the interaction with the clients. A full record of the client engagements is kept for current and future reference.

The true value of the program is in the capability of the Skills Advisors to contextualize and interpret information about a business and its staff at the individual business level. Recommended solutions, strategies and actions are truly bespoke responding to each business’s own particular need. The system captures all the information and generates the individualized reports allowing the Advisors to spend time working with the business rather than on repetitive tasks to produce the reports.

The system also assists in identifying which current funded programs are best aligned to the business’ needs through a unique integrating of a data base capturing 900 funded program with the workforce diagnostic tool.

The government agency managing the project has access to pre-configured reports that allow for easy reporting on the overall project implementation and results. KPI’s of assessments conducted, time spent with the clients along with growth, training hours received, jobs created, profitability improvements can all be tracked and dash boarded.

On completion of the program the government agency are able to undertake complex analysis of all the soft data collected to improve the understanding of issues and opportunities within the different pockets of the industry to substantiate the investment made in this project.


I would like to express the considerable satisfaction of Service Skills Australia with the service provided by Ltd.

This service has been, and continues to be, extremely professional including excellent communication and planning, the development of effective and timely solutions, first class customer service including technical support and the development and ongoing support of an outstanding online platform.

The product and resources developed responded extremely well to the brief provided and were appropriately contextualised to the Workforce Futures program and the various stakeholders using the platform.

The training in use of the platform was engaging, well-structured and provided the necessary flexibility to respond to each of the various targeted groups according to their particular needs. Feedback received from our stakeholders currently using the platform further supports these opinions.

Stephen Ollerenshaw
Program Manager, Workforce Futures

About Service Skills Australia

Service Skills Australia is a not-for-profit, independent organisation and one of 11 industry skills councils funded by the Australian Government to support skills development.

They represent a wide range of industry sectors, including retail and wholesale, sport, fitness, community recreation, outdoor recreation, travel, tourism, meetings and events, accommodation, restaurants and catering, caravans, hairdressing, beauty, floristry, community pharmacy and funeral services.



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