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The New South Wales Government in Australia is committed to backing small business and wants to restore business confidence and ensure that small businesses in NSW are given the best opportunity to thrive and grow in today’s highly-competitive and versatile marketplace. Small Businesses number over 680,000 in total and account for around 50% of employment in the State. They were looking for a high tech world class tool to help small businesses. By using a diagnostic system which includes intelligent and interactive tools which can help identify knowledge and skills and highlight the gaps for each small business, they would assist owners and operators to make informed business decisions.

The system had to be online and cloud based. It needed to be intuitive and friendly for users who may have only limited IT experience. It also needed to be flexible to allow ongoing review and development as new knowledge is developed and needs arose under the Small Biz Connect program. To complement the system, a series of questions were established to be used as general business ‘health checks’ to identify key areas for improvement.

Along with providing a simple and layered diagnostic to identify the needs of small businesses (including intenders, start-ups through to growing, sustainable and mature businesses), the system would also provide for multi-tiered monitoring and management, to enable the Small Biz Connect program administrator to:

  • monitor the performance of regional managers and business advisors engaged to deliver the program; and
  • develop program wide benchmarking information and performance indicators which will be used to assess the overall effectiveness of the program.

18 Providers were appointed with a total of about 100 advisors who are working with the individual businesses. The system is also used as the CRM to capture and log all contacts with the businesses. The diagnostics that have been completed with the businesses have been extremely well received by the Advisors who find the system easy to use, a good vehicle to stimulate discussion and time saving with ready-made customized reports. The Businesses have valued the discussion and advice received from the diagnostic process and the useful information and resources supplied in the reports.

Monthly, quarterly and annual management reporting is quick and easy to produce with predefined reports and dashboards available and ability to generate complex backend analysis of every detail captured.

The program has been funded for an initial period of 3 years.


About SBC

Small Biz Connect is a quality, personalised and highly subsidised business advisory program for small businesses in NSW.

Small Biz Connect is funded by the NSW Government and will link with other business support services such as the Commonwealth Government's Entrepreneurs' Infrastructure program, as well as initiatives of Local Government and private enterprise.



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