Government Sports Ministry deploys more efficient and holistic Diagnostic Assessment process

The Challenge

Sport NZ conducted assessments of the capability of National Sports Organisations (NSOs) using three different paper-based tools that focused on three aspects of their performance (i.e. general capability, coaching and high performance). Assessments were conducted typically by one or two people, were time consuming, and the potential had been identified to consolidate these into one single assessment tool. This process was hugely labour intensive and difficult to get an overall view of the situation.

The Solution

QLBS trained both the Sport NZ advisor and their independent consultant in the QLBS technology and criteria development principles. They then developed holistic criteria that could effectively allow a facilitated assessment of the capability of NSOs, with aligned criteria for assessing RSOs and Clubs. The tool, termed the Organisational Development Tool (ODT), has allowed more efficient and holistic assessment processes. The aligned criteria have also allowed consistency of assessment across the sector and within individual sports, as well as commonality of language and understanding. To meet Sport NZ’s specific development needs, QLBS customised the software to allow split screen reporting entry fields, a comprehensive reference, help and best practice file for every assessment question, and a series of four custom reports. The inbuilt assessment support capabilities and automation of reporting have enabled Sport NZ to roll out the tool to trained assessors, ensuring a common assessment and scoring standard, with pre-formatted and branded reports for nationwide consistency of presentation. The efficiencies gained in particular from automated reporting have been significant. QLBS provided the technical training for a national roll-out.

QLBS supports the uploading of assessment results into a national database which has provided additional benefits for Sport NZ. Specifically a growing visibility and analysis into capability of the sports sector at national, regional and local level; identification of opportunities for coordinated sector training and development; and a mechanism for providing organisational performance standards and comparatives to drive sector-wide development and improvement.


A larger number of assessments are being completed in a more efficient and standardized manner, allowing more organisations to identify and measure strengths and opportunities for improvement. The technology-assisted process has freed up time to allow a focus on development of organisations, rather than wasting resource on the assessment and report writing process itself. It allows measures for comparison between sports organisations, tracking of the organisational development progress of individual organisations, and visibility of good practice across the sector. From a knowledge management perspective, it has provided a database of information and references as both a resource and training aid.

Sport New Zealand (formerly known as SPARC) is dedicated to improving the capability and sustainability of New Zealand’s sport and recreation organisations, and our Organisational Development Tool (ODT) is an integral part of this.
The team at QLBS are professional, responsive, open to ideas and requests for changes (and there have been a few along the way!), quick to come up with possible solutions, and – perhaps most importantly – are always pleasant and approachable to deal with.


Brendon Lines
Senior Advisor (Capability),
Sport NZ

Sport New Zealand, is a national organisation dedicated to getting New Zealanders moving. That means everything from supporting elite athletes to getting out into local communities and encouraging people to get active. It is funded by the New Zealand Government and through the New Zealand Lottery Grants Board. Sport NZ spends $70 million each year to achieve its vision of “a nation inspired to be active, participate and win”.


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