Qimono+ Customer Management

Qimono+ is an online, cloud based application providing a client-oriented framework for managing the engagement, assessment and support of a large pool (i.e. thousands) of client organisations on their performance improvement journey.

The system is designed to capture and upload the interaction with the clients. A full record of the client engagements is kept for current and future reference.

The true value of the program is in the capability of the Skills Advisors to contextualize and interpret information about a business and its staff at the individual business level. Recommended solutions, strategies and actions are truly bespoke responding to each business’s own particular need. The system captures all the information and generates the individualized reports allowing the Advisors to spend time working with the business rather than on repetitive tasks to produce the reports.

The system also assists in identifying which current funded programs are best aligned to the business’ needs through a unique integration of the knowledge base, and a database capturing numerous training programs.

Administrators managing the project have access to pre-configured reports that allow for easy reporting on the overall project implementation and results. KPI’s of assessments conducted, time spent with the clients along with growth, training hours received, jobs created, profitability improvements can all be tracked and dash boarded.

On completion of the program stakeholders are able to undertake complex analysis of all the soft data collected to improve the understanding of issues and opportunities within the different pockets of the industry to substantiate the investment made in this project.


  • Client Data Capture

    Client Data Capture

    Capture rich profile information about each client as well as track interactions that advisors have with clients.

  • Facilitated Organisational Diagnostics

    Facilitated Organisational Diagnostics

    Multi-layered diagnostic identifies the needs of small businesses (including intenders, start-ups through to growing, sustainable and mature businesses).


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